There's a huge need for Empaths, like yourself,

to get out & shine their light...

But not from the unhealed & wounded place...

From the empowered and self-aligned place.

Because your empowered light ignites the light in others!

Hi Amazing Spirit, I’m Olivia!

A Transformation & Manifestation Expert, Professional Channel, Akashic Reader & Reiki Master Teacher. I LOVE creating new classes channeled from spirit to help Empaths live a life they LOVE...

Since 2009, I've taught 300 + rounds of 30 different metaphysical classes and helped over 800 Empathic Lightworkers:

Step out of the metaphysical closet.

Reclaim their power and create a life they truly LOVE.

Finally trust themselves and their unique intuitive & healing abilities.

If this resonates with you, join me in an online class below or check my website for my upcoming group programs and 1:1 SHINE! Package at:

"At the end of both classes, I walked away with amazing new abilities to heal others & myself." 

-Kerri F.

Join me & step into your TRUE SELF,

Your Key to Unlock Your Empath Superpowers!