There's a huge need for Empathic Lightworkers, like yourself,

to reclaim their Divine Human Form & Intuitive Gifts on the Original Source Timeline (OCTT)...

Stepping themselves & their gifts off the Artificial Creation Template & Timeline (ACTT)...

And out of the False Light 3D Grid.

Because your empowered Source energetics are coming back online now - more than ever!

Hi Goddess, I’m Olivia!

I help Female Empathic Lightworkers reclaim their True Divine Human Form & activate their intuitive & healing gifts on the Original Source Timeline (OCTT) so they can manifest a life they LOVE.

Basically...I specialize in helping you SHINE!

Since 2009, I've taught and created courses directly from Source to specifically help Empathic Lightworkers, like yourself:

Step out of the metaphysical closet.

Reclaim their power and create a life they truly LOVE.

Finally trust themselves and their unique intuitive & healing abilities.

If this resonates with you, join me in an online class below or check my website for my upcoming group programs and 1:1 SHINE! Package at:

"Olivia is truly a teacher's teacher...


It was an honor to learn from such 

an experienced practitioner who holds such a 

high level of personal integrity. Thank you, Olivia 

for an amazing and life changing experience!" 

- K. F.

Join me & step into your TRUE SELF on the Original Source Timeline,

Your Key to Unlock Your Divine Human Form!

Choose your path...

All courses are live group programs that run a few times each year.